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Let The Redeemed lyrics

Rev. Charles Nicks

Hold back the night, give me strength to fight I'll do your will if you just say to my soul Peace be still Oh Lord, I love your name Everyday is just the same I'll be alright if you just hold back the night Author Michael Aaron Friendship Bapt. Columbus OHio Email Darky17@aol.com Subject Here is Hold Back The Night Date Wed Jul 2 160036 2003 IP Message The verse is The storm is raging, all around Satan is trying, to pull me down But Lord you told me, in your word I could abide So stretch forth, your mighty hand And Hold Back , the night then the song goes back into the chorus, the entire song is just the chorus, and this one verse it's written by Rev. Charles H. Nicks, from Detroit, the album is entitled Hold Back The Night, its very rare and hard to find. Good Luck